Closing the Educational Gap With Moshe Ohayon and Educational Justice

Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, Kentucky, is the founder of Louisville Tutoring Agency (LTA) and the nonprofit organization Educational Justice. Working in partnership with LTA, Educational Justice has made it its goal is to give every student the chance to excel academically, regardless of economic status.

Winner of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence’s 2013 Pyramid Award of Excellence in the Art of Vision, Educational Justice not only provides academic and test prep programs throughout the Louisville area to underserved students at no cost, but it also fosters a sense of community by connecting top-performing, civic-minded high school students with lower-income area middle schools for regular tutoring and mentoring. Older students tutor their younger pupils, filling in learning and conceptual gaps and passing on their honed scholastic skills in an effort to give struggling middle schoolers a chance at a successful academic future.

When the Educational Justice in was founded in 2010, the goal was to help a small number of bright but economically disadvantaged students excel by providing them with a supplemental education and setting them on the road to academic success. These students were given full scholarships at Ohayon’s Louisville Tutoring Agency, where they received the same high-quality tutoring and educational services as their more privileged, paying counterparts.

In just a few short years, Educational Justice has grown beyond his original goal, becoming an award-winning nonprofit organization that serves hundreds of students every year throughout the Greater Louisville. The volunteer staff of devoted, civic-minded educators at the helm of Educational Justice continue to widen their impact, driven by their dedication to end educational disparities and to inspire new generations of students.

Moshe Ohayon of Louisville: Tips for Relocating

Moving is stressful. Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, relocated from Israel to the United States and moved to several different states before settling in Kentucky. With so much practice, Ohayon learned ways to streamline the moving process and lessen the stress.

Planning ahead is essential, whether you are moving to a new state or across town. As soon as you know your move-out date, contact the post office and utility companies. If you have a new address, transfer services if you can, or call to set up service at your new home. File all your important records, including health, children’s medical and vet vaccinations, in a safe place and keep them with you.

Frequent movers often discover that moving is a great excuse to get rid of accumulated items they no longer need. Consider having a garage sale or placing classified ads to sell usable items. Donate items to charitable organizations, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Finally, toss or recycle anything that can’t be sold or donated. The goal is to not move anything you don’t absolutely have to.

Pack non-essentials first. For example, if you are moving in the summer, pack the winter clothes first and get them ready to move. If they won’t be used until after you move, pack holiday décor and table settings. As your moving date approaches, eat the food in your freezer and refrigerator. It’s not safe to move perishables.

No matter how much you plan, something unexpected usually happens. By taking control and planning ahead of time, you remove much of the stress.

How Volunteering Helps the Volunteer

Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, was raised with the idea that helping others is as important as getting an education. It was while he was a student at Columbia University in New York, however, that he discovered that his true talent was teaching and that volunteer tutoring was a natural way to help those in need while doing what he loved.

As a busy entrepreneur, he still makes time to tutor students in underserved communities, closing educational gaps and giving his students a stronger preparation for college and successful careers. But it’s not just the students who gain. Altruistic activities offer a host of benefits to the volunteer, including a feeling of satisfaction, an opportunity to meet new people, and the chance to develop a new skill set. In addition, as Ohayon points out, volunteer efforts often benefit the entire community. In his case, for example, free tutoring services allow more and more students to perform well academically and to eventually leverage their educations to escape a life of poverty.

How do you find the volunteer opportunity that fits? Ask yourself a few basic questions: Do you have a passion for helping animals? Most local shelters and animal-rescue organizations need volunteers to help care for animals in their facilities. Do you love children? Many schools have programs where adult volunteers read or tutor children. What times do you have available? If you work full time during the day, volunteering at a school may not work. Would you rather work outdoors or in an indoor environment? Charities like Habitat for Humanity offer many outdoor volunteering opportunities.

Finding the volunteer project that works for you is a matter of finding your passion and making the time. The benefits are well worth it.

How Columbia University Retains Its Prestige

Columbia University in the City of New York is a private Ivy League school in Upper Manhattan. One of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the United States, the educational institution encompasses more than six city blocks, twenty schools and affiliates with a number of other institutions, including Juilliard, Teachers College and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. The famous Butler Library is the largest in Columbia’s library system.

As an undergraduate student who lead campus tours for the Columbia’s admissions office, Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, Kentucky, knows that the distinguished school was founded by King George II of England in 1754. Columbia is the first college in New York, the fifth oldest in the country and one of eight Ivy League schools.

During their years at Columbia, students tend to discover quite a few little-known facts about their soon-to-be alma mater. For example, two Columbia University students invented the first trivia game: In 1960, Ed Goodgold and Dan Carlinsky devised and conducted trivia competitions between Columbia students and students from other schools. The pair went on to write a best-selling trivia book. Another fun fact is that two Columbia psychology grads tested famous baseball player Babe Ruth and found him to be operating at 90 percent efficiency, as opposed to 60 percent for normal people.

After graduation Ohayon joined a long list of impressive graduates, including Barack Obama, Chelsea Clinton, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Warren Buffet. Columbia University is a racially diverse school with an impressive 93 percent graduation rate. With first-rate professors and a local atmosphere like no other, Columbia University is an experience students and graduates never forget.

Entrepreneurs Overcome Adversity

Not everyone has what it takes to launch and run a prosperous business. Successful entrepreneurs typically possess a specific skill set and share common characteristics that allow them to bounce back from adversity and move forward. Starting a business is a risk, even for the most capable, but some people handle the inevitable problems that creep up in positive ways.

One of the most important aspects of starting and running a successful business is doing something that you love. Moshe Ohayon is a case in point. As a college student pursuing a degree in physics, he became a tutor and discovered he had a natural teaching ability. After college, he founded the Louisville Tutoring Agency, a thriving business that encompasses his love of teaching.

The ability to plan every aspect of a business is another key characteristic. Planning not only means writing a business plan, but also realizing that obstacles will stand in your way and developing scenarios ahead of time. Entrepreneurs who have taken the time to analyze and research every aspect of their business have the tools in place to think and act quickly as problems arise.

Wise money management is another essential trait of the successful business owner. Knowing where each and every penny goes, implementing money-saving measures and spending wisely are essential to start, build and grow a business.

Entrepreneurs who run lucrative businesses never lose sight of what’s really important. Knowing your customers and giving them more than they expect is the surest route to success.